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Marching Band Arrangements

I wrote my first marching band show in 2019 for Dixie High School in South Carolina. I have since written complete marching band shows for other schools in South Carolina. I am looking to expand my market to other schools in South Carolina as well as other states. 

Here is a list of shows I have written:

Pantheon: Dixie High School 2019

Arabian Nights: Dixie High School 2020 (not yet performed) 

Still Standing: Berea High School 2020 

I have also arranged numerous stand/pep tunes for various size groups. I have also arranged some chorales and various other free standing marching band arrangements.  Here is a short list of pep tunes I have arranged 

  • Mighty Fortress 

  • Death of a Bachelor 

  • Creep 

  • Can't Hold Us 

  • I'm Still Standing 

  • 1812 Overture 

  • Enterprising Young Men 

  • War (from Rocky) 

  • Some Nights 

  • Jupiter Chorale 

  • Chorale from Mahler 2 

Free Marching Band Warmups here 

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